ET-800 Alkaline Ionized Water Device

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Basic Information

Structure Embedded or wall mounted, with built-in filter
Rated voltage AC220V 50Hz
Power About 270W
Origin Japan
Warranty period 10 years from the date of purchase (refer to the manual for details)


Dimensions 255x130x335mm (LxWxH)
Weight About 6kg

Operating Specifications

Operating method Button switch (switching electrolysis intensity, switching language, adjusting volume, etc.)
Maximum operating water temperature About 40℃
Water pressure scope 0.1-0.5MPa
Water supply connector Diverter switch


Electrolysis mode Continuous (built-in flow sensor)
Electrolytic bath 7 high-purity titanium platinum electrode plates
Electrolysis performance Purified water, 4-stage Hydrogen water, Strong electrolyzed reduced water and 2-stage acidic water
Electrode plate cleaning method Automatic (cleaning system automatically controlled by microcomputer) & manual (one-click completion)


Filter High-performance molded coconut shell antibacterial activated carbon, non-woven fabric
Tips for filter replacement Both LCD and voice system will remind replacement when the water output is reduced from 12,000L to 0L
Replacement method Refer to the method of replacing the filter in the manual
Calcium adding method Forced dissolution, built-in calcium cartridge

Protection Device

Overcurrent protection device Glass fuse
Detect overcurrent Automatically stop electrolysis output
Overheating protection device Built-in power transformer & temperature sensor
Range memory Memory of the final setting range when the power is turned off (hydrogen water 1-4)


Diverter switch and accessories

ET-800 dedicated hose

Medical Certification

ET-800 ALKALINE IONIZED WATER DEVICE meets the strict requirements of medical certification by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and the Japan Institute of Electrical Safety and Environment, and its safety and efficacy reach the level of medical equipment.

‧Japan Kanagawa Prefecture Medical Equipment Manufacturing and Sales License

‧Geräten Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Production License

‧Japan Patent Registry Electrolytic Bath Patent Certificate

‧Kanagawa Industry Promotion Center Business Possibility Certificate

‧Electrical Safety and Environment Institute Management Medical Device Certificate