The design of the PC-320 alkaline ionized water device is customized for Hong Kong water, with corresponding regional and seasonal data automatically controlling electrolysis to create a water source that is uniquely yours.

The PC-320 alkaline ionized water device meets the strict requirements of Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and the medical certification criteria of the Japan Electrical Safety and Environment Technology Laboratories. The product’s safety and performance meet medical-grade requirements.


Kanagawa Prefecture – Category II Medical Instrument Manufacture and Sales Permit


Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Pharmaceutical and Food Safety Bureau Audit and Management Office – Manufacturing permit


Japan Patent Office – Electrolytic bath patent


Kanagawa Industrial Promotion Center – Business Feasibility Certificate


Japan Electrical Safety and Environment Technology Laboratories – Medical Device Management Certificate

After electrolysis, the alkaline ionized water pH is highly accurate, with exceptionally stable performance, making the product a health companion absolutely worthy of your trust.

※ ORP is Oxidation Reduction Potential. The larger the negative number, the stronger the reduction (restorative ability). The larger the positive number, the stronger the oxidative power (rusting ability).
※ Tap water ORP value is between +500mV and +750mV.

Only 24cm long, 11cm wide, and 29 cm high. Simple and innovative streamlined design gives the lightweight PC-320 alkaline ionized water device a fashionable appearance. Your only headache will be what to do with all the extra space.


Clear button indicators allow configuration of water best suited to you with a single press. Simple and easy to use.



The PC-320 alkaline ionized water device utilizes PC-180 filter cartridges of exceptional material quality and meticulous design. They provide outstanding filtering performance that effectively eliminates water impurities and gives you unparalleled purity.

Antibacterial activated carbon
Removes residual chlorine and trihalomethanes. Inhibits bacterial growth within the filter to maintain purity

white2Negative ion ceramics
Strengthen reduction potential

Calcium sulfite
Facilitates electrolysis, strengthening removal of residual chlorine

Attaches to and minimizes hardening contents (calcium, magnesium) and removes some metal ions.

The PC-320 alkaline ionized water device is customized for you, with incomparable performance and appearance.

Not only will you drink alkaline ionized water that lets you rest at ease, but you can also use the product for cosmetic and cleaning applications, helping you to restore health both inside and outside your body.

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Ten-year maintenance

Each PC-320 alkaline ionized water device represents our insistence and pride in our product quality. We’ve got your back when it comes to healthy living. Beginning from the moment you open the box, we provide ten years of maintenance to optimize after-sales service, testing and repair.

Support service

Professional personnel will attend onsite each year to change filter cartridges and conduct testing. When you need us, our service team will offer immediate assistance and handling. We are happy to help you solve any issue involving the PC-320 alkaline ionized water device.

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