Drinking alkaline ionized water
Restore health

Water is the primary component of the human body

The human body is primarily composed of water, with water accounting for 55%-75% of human body weight. Adults should drink the equivalent of 4% of their body weight in water every day. Based on someone who weights 60kg, this means they must drink about 2.5 litres of water every day.
Water is essential to maintaining life and health. However, it is a fact that most people overlook water quality and are drinking non-beneficial water!

Purified water≠Healthy water

The minerals in boiled and purified water have been removed. If this kind of water is consumed for long periods, the minerals within the body will be expelled along with the water, resulting in an acidic state within the body. Drinking such water over long periods will cause a loss of important minerals within the body, increasing the chances of getting sick.

Minerals are the cornerstone of maintaining health

Minerals are primary elements that constitute human bodily tissues and that maintain biological functions. Invariable elements such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium, as well as trace elements such as copper, molybdenum, iodine, and manganese are all necessary minerals for the human body. Our bodies are unable to produce minerals on their own, but so long as we drink alkaline ionized water every day, we can obtain the various minerals necessary to remain healthy.

There are dangers everywhere in our living environment, and the effects of active oxygen are felt both inside and outside our bodies

Disruptions in the food chain

Polluted water, pesticides, fertilizers, and food additives are all adding to the oxidants in food, and we are forced to absorb active oxygen that is harmful to our health.

Severe water pollution

Tap water must have large quantities of chlorine added in order to sanitize it. However, residual chlorine oxidizes and damages the vitamins in food.

An easily oxidized environment

In our daily lives, active oxygen is omnipresent as a result of UV rays, exhaust, microwaves, food additives, insufficient sleep, and stress, thus causing a redoubling of risk of illness and disease.

Unbalanced pH invites stubborn illness

Healthy blood is slightly alkaline in nature, with pH of 7.35-7.45. However, due to environmental pollution and poor eating habits, our bodies often become acidic. A slightly acidic body will reduce cell function, slow down metabolism, and make it more difficult to expel waste, giving an extra burden to the kidneys and liver. People with an acidic constitution will often experience hip soreness and back pain, weakness in the four limbs, dizziness, insomnia, diarrhoea, and constipation and are also especially susceptible to stubborn illness. Alkaline ionized water helps to balance the body’s pH, restoring the body’s pH to the optimal state of approximately pH7.35, strengthening the human immune system.

Active oxygen is “the source of all illness”

We rely on oxygen to survive, but a portion of inhaled oxygen converts into powerfully oxidizing active oxygen (free radicals). Active oxygen can help kill bacteria within the body, but too much of it can attack normal cells, thus causing aging, affecting the metabolism, and accelerating organ malfunction. In severe cases this can result in gene mutations that cause cancer, and thus active oxygen is known as “the source of all illness”.

Major illnesses caused by active oxygen

Neurology Cerebral oedema, cerebral infarction, epilepsy, neurological disorders
Respiratory system Pneumonia, pulmonary emphysema
Cardiovascular Myocardial infarction, arrhythmia, hardening of the arteries, leukaemia, hyperlipidaemia, high blood pressure
Digestive system    Stomach ulcers
Endocrinology Diabetes, liver cirrhosis
Orthopaedics Arthritis
Dermatology Allergic dermatitis
Eliminate active oxygen to enjoy a long and healthy life

Growing stage

Fast metabolism, body is healthy. An individual with such vitality is normally able to live to 120 years old.

Youth stage

Healthy on the surface, but beginning at 28 years old, a small amount of active oxygen can still cause incomplete metabolic reactions, making it easier to become ill or to be affected by active oxygen. Bodily functions also begin to age, and self-healing abilities begin to weaken.

Elderly stage

Further decline in self-healing abilities, physically incapable of doing some activities, regretfully striding toward death. Normally the average human lifespan is only 80 years old or so.

Drink plenty of alkaline ionized water to relieve the pain of old age

Our bodies have “antioxidant enzymes” able to effectively inhibit active oxygen. “Antioxidants” such as vitamins are also helpful to antioxidant enzymes in improving the ability to inhibit oxidation. Antioxidant enzymes can slow down the body’s process of aging. However, as we age, the power of antioxidant enzymes declines. We must ingest more antioxidants in order to remain healthy. In addition to eating more fruits and vegetables, we can do more by drinking alkaline ionized water. This is because electrolyzed water itself is a strong antioxidant, and is also helpful in the absorption of antioxidants, thus essentially achieving a two-fold effect.

The larger the negative ORP number, the higher the anti-oxidative ability, making the body more able to remain young and slow down the process of aging.

High antioxidant effect

Alkaline ionized water is produced through electrolysis and contains large quantities of active hydrogen that has powerful anti-oxidizing effect (Oxidation Reduction Potential [ORP] is -250mV or lower). It is able to eliminate harmful substances from the body and restore cells that have been damaged and oxidized, thus strengthening the immune system and returning the body to a healthy state. Therefore, drinking alkaline ionized water n the long term can prevent common urban illnesses and fend off aging.

The larger the positive ORP number, the higher the oxidative ability, causing the body to decline and age more rapidly.

Effectively eliminating active oxygen

Compared to tap water and purified water, Alkaline ionized water more effectively eliminates unnecessary active oxygen (free radicals), helping to fend off aging.

Water molecules are minuscule and facilitate the cell cycle

The majority of bodily illnesses originate from accumulation of waste material within the body. Thus, to remain healthy it is necessary to continually eliminate harmful substances from within the body. The smaller the water clusters, the better the permeating effect, making it easier for water to enter human body cells to flush them out and supplement nutrients. Drinking alkaline ionized water can dilute blood lipids and lower cholesterol, achieving a cleansing effect in the blood.

   Alkaline ionized water



  • Contains abundant minerals, supplementing the needs of the body
  • Balances human body pH, strengthens immunity
  • Improves digestion, enhances metabolism
  • Contains large quantities of antioxidants, eliminating free radicals and fending off aging
  • Taking vitamins with alkaline ionized water helps to achieve quick absorption
  • Improves health problems including eczema, high blood pressure, constipation, gout, and diabetes.


Boiling food

  • High permeating effect, food easily absorbs flavour
  • Eliminates pesticides and preservatives
  • More quickly bring out food flavour and nutrition
  • More quickly bring out tea and coffee aromas
  • Makes rice soft and palatable, increases flavour
  • Use 20-30% less seasoning, making food healthier
  • Shortens cooking times, more environmentally friendly
   Electrolyzed acidic water


Cosmetic use

  • Improves dark spots, eliminates skin bacteria
  • Shrinks pores, softens skin
  • Moisturizes and hydrates
  • Eliminates residual alkaline minerals, restoring skin to a natural pH
  • Achieves softer and more lustrous hair that won’t split



  • Kills bacteria
  • Powerful cleaning ability
  • Eliminates residual alkaline minerals on clothing
  • Makes clothing softer and colours brighter
   Pure water



  • Especially suited to making baby formula and taking with medicine
  • Eliminates harmful materials in tap water
  • Filters out chlorine and oxidants, eliminating odours and the smell of rust