Basic information

Product size
240mm long x 110mm wide x 290mm high

Product weight
About 5kg

Can be stood upright or hung on a wall, equipped with filter cartridge

Rated voltage
AC220V 50Hz

Power consumption
Approximately 200W

Operational specifications

Method of operation
Press the button to activate or deactivate (options for generated water, electrolysis strength, and electrical display)

Electrical display
pH and ORP (switch display by pressing button)

Highest suitable water temperature
Approximately 40℃

Suitable water pressure range

Water supply specifications
Diverter switch (U-type)

Water supply connection
Branch shut-off


Method of electrolysis
Continuous electrolysis (equipped with volume sensor)

Electrolysis processing water volume
With water pressure of 0.2MPa, is able to process water volume of 4.5-5.0L/min (water output volume of 3.0-3.5L/min)

Electrolysis performance options
Pure water, 4-stage water reduction and acidic water

Electrolytic bath
5-layer platinum titanium electrolytic board

Method of cleaning the electrolytic board
Automatic cleaning system (microcomputer automatically controls the cleaning system) (cleans based on used water volume)

Water filter performance
Concentration of chlorine in reduced water is 2ppm, with filtering up to 0.4ppm, reaching removal rates of up to 80%. Based on standard usage of 40ℓ per day, annual filtered water volume can reach approximately 10,000ℓ-15,000ℓ 

Filter material
Granular antibacterial activated carbon, calcium sulfite, negative ion ceramics, and zeolite

Change filter display
An LED light that will turn on after accumulated water volume reaches 10t-15t or after approximately 1 year from installation

How to change
Change the filter cartridge

Add calcium method
Forced dissolution addition method, adding of a calcium tube

Protective devices

Electrical current protective device
Glass fuse

Test over-current
Automatically stops electrolysis output

Temperature overheat protective device
Equipped with power supply transformer temperature sensor

Range memory
Memory of final configuration range when power is shut off (reduced water range 1-3)


PC-320-exclusive tubes

Branch shut-off and parts


Principle of PC-320 Alkaline Ionized Water Device

1.PC-180 filter cartridge

Utilizes highly effective filtering materials such as antibacterial activated carbon, calcium sulfite, negative ion ceramics, and zeolite to eliminate chlorine, microbes, and harmful metals from tap water.

2.Platinum titanium electrolytic board

Connects electrical current to the two poles of the alkaline ionized water device electrolytic bath, and the minerals in the water will be ionized. The positive ion calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium in the water will be attracted by the negatively charged pole, forming alkaline ionized water with negative potential, while negative ion chlorine, sulphuric acid, nitric acid, and carbonic acid will be attracted by the positively charged pole, forming electrolyzed acidic water.

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